Sifters & Purifiers

Satake's Sifters are capable of separating powdered and granular materials by size differential. The SPSB Plansifter can make up to 7 separations per section. 

The Minisifter and N-Sifter are particularly suited to smaller applications where a sized product is required i.e. oversize, good product and undersize. Their multi-sieve decks create a much larger overall sieving area when compared to vibratory or centrifugal machines of the same 'footprint' size. 

Most of Satake's sifters use a planetary motion which avoids much of the product degradation associated with centrifugal and vibratory machines. It also prevents 'upending' of elongated products.  

Typical Applications include:

Wheat, rice and maize products production
Carbon black processing
Herb & spice manufacture
Cocoa production
Nuts, Plastics and many other granular and powdered products

Many of our sieving machines now benefit from the use of Satake's Patented INTERLOCK sieving system, using hygienic plastic instead of the traditional wood/melamine and felt construction.



SPSB Plansifter

The Satake Plansifter SPSB is engineered to give a wide range of capacities to meet all anticipated sifting requirements in the milling industry. The SPSB is produced in a modular range of four, six and eight section machines embracing two different stack heights of nominally 24 and 30 sieves. Three sieve sizes are available.

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SPUB Purifier

The Satake Purifier SPUB is a high capacity, triple deck machine providing the highest level of operating efficiency.

The Purifier has a fabricated chassis with box section strengthening supports. Maintenance-free rubber springs are located on the box section supports and carry the sieve assembly.

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Minisifter RMSA Minisifter

The RMSA is a high capacity yet compact, free-standing unit used for separating particulate material in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, plastics and similar process industries. The machine is capable of making up to 4 size separations per machine with a variety of internal flow schemes.

The Minisifter is ideal for sieving large quantities of materials through fine apertures, particularly as a flour redresser in the flour milling industry.

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STSA Duosifter

The Duosifter STSA is a compact high capacity sifter which is ideal for many applications in cereal milling and food industries for sieving a wide range of granular and floury stocks.

The STSA is particularly suitable for flour redressing (rebolt), maize (corn) milling and starch sieving. It can also be used for wheat grading and cleaning duties.The Duosifter STSA has two stack sections and is available in a stack height of fourteen sieves. Each section can make up to seven separations.

The STSA is of a unique design that combines simplicity of construction and maintenance while providing ease of access, compact dimensions with clean and hygienic operation.

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N Sifter N Sifter

The N Sifter is an exceptionally versatile, compact machine of high capacity which can used for either general purpose sifting or flour redressing.

The sifter consists of two independent nests of square sieves, capable of simultaneously handling two separate stocks. More bd14565_.gif (183 bytes)

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SVSB Vibrosifter

The Satake Vibrosifter SVSB is especially designed for efficient sifting of difficult stocks encountered in cereal milling processes. For example, filter flours, bran finisher throughs and maize (corn) flours which are fine, sticky and can have high oil or moisture content.

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Lab Sifter

PLSB Series 2000 Laboratory Sifter

The Satake Laboratory Sifter PLSB provides a rapid method of carrying out particle size determinations. It is designed to use either a stack of up to four 255mm wooden sieves with lid and receiver or four 200mm diameter Endecott brass sieves.

The sifter oscillates the table and nest of sieves attached to it in a planetary motion similar to that of sifters commonly used in the Flour Milling and other industries. Morebd14565_.gif (183 bytes)

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