• Low running costs - In Rice the typical results are factors such as Chalky Grains number or percentage, Broken Grains number or percentage and Acceptable Grains total or percentage. 
  • Easy operation and maintenance - PC display allows clear presentation of analysis results. All samples can be saved for future reference. 
  • Simple installation with small space requirement - The Satake RSQI can accurately analyse a sample within 60 seconds. 
  • Ease of Operation - The Satake RSQI analyses all manner of rice, soy bean, and wheat samples and more as new calibrations are built by the customer. It is only necessary to place a sample into the scanner sample tray and press the analyse button. All measurement is accomplished automatically, with no special skills or techniques required of the operator.



Satakes grain scanner is a simple, quick and accurate way to evaluate white, brown rice, beans, wheat, corn, and other grains. The Grain Scanner analyses the shape and colour of every individual kernel in a sample of  up to 600 grains, in as little as 60 seconds. It requires no special skills and can determine whether grains are acceptable or unacceptable based on visual and dimensional parameters set by the customer.

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