Intake & Cleaning Machinery

Satake manufacture a full range of cleaning machines. They are suitable for cereals such as wheat, maize, rye, barley and rice, and can also be applied to cleaning other food products like peanuts, sorghum, etc. Our machines are also used for cleaning seeds before sowing, processing of breakfast cereals and cleaning/grading of plastics especially during recycling. 


We can remove the following typical contaminants: 


Stones Straw Hessian Broken Grains Foreign Grains
Glass Dust Hair Mud Balls Sand


The machines are designed to be virtually maintenance-free. Sealed-for-life bearings and no-maintenance drives are used where ever possible.

aspirator.jpg (3141 bytes)wpe15.jpg (8761 bytes)The range of equipment includes; Milling Separators, Aspirators, Gravity Selectors, Feeders, Horizontal Scourers, Water Addition equipment, Hydrator mixers, Kernel Washers, etc.

For energy efficiency ‘Closed Circuit’ aspirators are available. By re-cycling exhaust air within the Aspirator the minimum of external exhaust air is required. This reduces the power consumption of external exhaust systems and improves hygiene and installation costs (less exhaust air trunking is required, smaller exhaust fans and filters could be installed).




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