Optical Sorting

A vital tool for product quality enhancement

Satake is a technology leader in optical sorting systems for seed, grain, food and plastic applications where traditional methods of mechanical separation cannot give the required speed and accuracy.

Satake sorters use precise colour and shape recognition technology to increase the quality of product to meet our customers’ needs and safety requirements, reducing waste, increasing yield and profits.

Offering a wide range of colour sorters, providing choice based on individual features of each machine to get the highest efficiency and performance on each product and the customers’ capacity and budgetary requirements. Satake’s approach provides a tailored solution to your process, rather than a "one machine fits all" compromise.

All Satake sorters feature multilingual easy to use touch screens, vibratory feeders, the ability to recalibrate without production interruption and very low maintenance. Satake optical sorting machines are the pinnacle for quality and reliability.