Satake Europe Ltd are experts in  Wheat processing. 

Satake pioneered advanced tehcnologies such as PeriTec debranning, a process for the removal of outer bran layers prior to milling. By removing the outer bran layers, the wheat has lower micro-bacterial content and there is reduced bran powder contamination in flour and semolina.

Under the Henry Simon brand we  can provide turn-key solutions for the production of bakers flour, biscuit flour, semolina and wholemeal flours.

We also cover the following 

  • milling systems for processing wheat into flour and durum into semolina.
  • Intake, cleaning and wheat tempering equipment.
  • Optical Sorting allowing for  the removal of impurities and diseased kernels that cannot be removed by conventional cleaning due to the impurity being the same size as the grain from which it is being separated.
  • The combination of PeriTec debranning and optical sorting for  DURUM wheat enabling the production of the highest purity semolina for pasta and cous-cous manufacturing.