Maize Milling

Maize, known as Corn in North America, is one of the three principal cereal grains, with rice and wheat, grown for human and animal consumption.

The Satake VBF Vertical method of dry degermination was launched six years ago, since them the technology has completely revolutionised the processing of maize. More than 80 system have been installed in southern Africa and many more in north and south America. 

The Satake VBF system provides superior extraction at reduced fat levels, whilst also eliminating the need for complex gravity separation systems to be installed after the degermination system. The Satake VBF system produces a higher percentage of grits and less flour. It also has the lowest specific energy usage.


Further information: 

The Satake Method of Vertical Corn Degermination in detail

New Methods of Corn Degermination Presentation (Satake IAOM 2002 pdf format - 1.6 Mb)

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Key Machines: 

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VBF New Maize/Corn Degermer

The new Satake VBF series of vertical maize (corn) degerming machines incorporate the most advanced techniques and has proved to be superior to other machines in maize degerming mills throughout the world.

The versatility of the VBF for decorticating and degerming of all kernels makes it the ideal machine for modern maize mills. Morebd14565_.gif (183 bytes)

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VBI Maize/Corn Fractionator (Bio Fuels / Ethanol)

The new Satake VBI series of vertical maize fractionating machines are designed to be more efficient in operation and ideally suited to ethanol/biofuels applications.

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SHD Hydrator

The Satake Hydrator is an innovative grain tempering mixer designed to provide high levels of moisture addition in a single operation. The use of vibration to provide exceptional water dispersion is combined with slow stirring and a long dwell time to ensure absorption for up to 8% moisture. The Satake Hydrator is an integral part of the PeriTec Debranning Process Moremore.gif (183 bytes)

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