Rice Flour Milling

The use of rice flour is continuously growing. It is especially used in breakfast cereals, baby foods, wheat free dietary products and even in starch production for food safe adhesives.

Satake's expertise both as the world's leader in rice processing equipment and experts in cereal grinding are combined to provide custom designed solutions for rice flour production.

Many rice flour producers require a sized product rather than just a ground powder. Typical production of rice cones/semolina involves producing a sized product smaller than 720 microns, but with fines less than 500 or 250 microns removed. 

The infinitely adjustable roll gaps and flexibility of the Satake SRM are ideally suited to this application, producing far less fines than a pin type mill. When the plant needs to produce flours of sub-250 microns, the grinding pressures that can be achieved by the SRM Rollermill ensure high production rates. 

Satake's range of free standing plansifters are ideal for rice grinding, allowing the mill to produce many product size variations without the need to strip down and change sifter screens.

One of our recent installations can be found at Moorhead & McGavin Ltd of Motherwell, Scotland. More details at their website www.osprio.com  


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