Semolina Milling With PeriTec


The process of milling Semolina from Durum Wheat is totally different from the milling of all other types of wheat.

When the Satake PeriTec Debranning Process is applied to Durum Milling, the resultant pasta has a much improved brighter colour, the mill diagram is simpler and a higher percentage of top grade semolina is produced. 

The increasing consumption of pasta foods demands a high level of technology in the milling process to supply top quality semolina for this expanding market. Satake have developed a milling system to meet this demand, and, as a result of Satake research into Semolina milling, better results are now being obtained.

Many of the PeriTec Systems that Satake have supplied for Durum Milling are installed in front of mills that were already existing. All mills have experienced increased capacity, greatly increased coarse semolina production and a significant reduction in lower grade flour production. 

Extract of an interview with Francesco Casillo of Molino Casillo, one of the world's biggest durum millers from May 2005 issue of World Grain Magazine:

...One of the most important factors in achieving a technological lead has been debranning....we were the first in the world to really believe in this technology in durum and to put it in to practice...Molino Casillo's number four mill, which the company believes to be the most modern in Europe, is based around three Satake PeriTec machines. The technique is used widely throughout Molino Casillo. With 22 lines of Satake debranning, Molino Casillo is one of the biggest users of the system anywhere......"It puts Molino Casillo three or four years ahead of the competition".....

Results from a recent PeriTec Durum Conversion:

Mill Before Conversion With PeriTec
Ash 0.69
62% 67%
Flour 1
Ash 1.11
11% 10.2%
Flour 2
Ash 1.45
4% None

wpe6.jpg (3002 bytes)The Satake PeriTec process when applied to semolina milling can be used to remove all black point from grain and improve the semolina produced.

For super clean semolina, the PeriTec Process is combined with Satake's AlphaScan Colour Sorter in the screen room to ensure that only the cleanest wheat free of contamination is supplied to the mill. 

PDF Download Complete May 2005 World Grain Casillo and Durum Articles 

PDF Download Technical Paper
Advances in Durum Semolina Milling
a Technical Paper by J.M. Giles and B.C. McGee

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