Sifters and Purifiers

sifter.jpg (2972 bytes)Versatility is one of the many requirements of milling and Satake Sifters are designed to give optimum results over a variety of sifting operations and capacities. Capable of several separations, the range of sizes available allows their inclusion in any milling scheme.

The application of efficient purification is best served by the Satake Purifier. Consisting of two independent units, each with its own controls for effective sieving and aspiration, working side by side within a strong, lightweight metal frame.
duo.jpg (1882 bytes)

Purifiers can be superimposed, a configuration most useful where space is limited or repurification is required. By a combination of sifting and aspiration, the machine removes bran particles and grades the stock into several degrees of purity.

Satake Sifters:

SPSB DATA SHEETbd14565_.gif (183 bytes)
duosifter.gif (2619 bytes)

STSA Duosifterbd14565_.gif (183 bytes)

minisifter.gif (3206 bytes) RMSA Minisifterbd14565_.gif (183 bytes)
vibrosifter.gif (2276 bytes) SVSB Vibrosifterbd14565_.gif (183 bytes)




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