Separation & Cleaning Machines

Satake's Cleaning machines are designed for a wide range of applications such as:

- Wheat Cleaning
- Rice Cleaning
- Maize/Corn Cleaning
- Cleaning of other cereals, pulses, spices, etc

Our Separation machines are capable of removing stones, foreign seeds, chaff and other contaminates from cereals, nuts, pulses, plastic pellets and many other granular products.

Other materials in this category include the SHSA Horizontal Scourer for cleaning of the surface of the grain, SEDC Infestation Destroyer for the destruction of insects, larvae and eggs in flour and the al new INCLITEC  Bran Finisher for tail end processing the the flour mill break system.



The SBFB IncliTec Bran Finisher is the first in a new series of machines designed to bring the benefits of the latest SATAKE IncliTec technology  to the milling industry.

The SBFB effectively cleans the bran, recovering flour which would otherwise be lost, thereby increasing  extraction rate. MORE

SFI Milling Separator

The Satake Milling Separator SFI is an all purpose separator designed for the efficient separation of large coarse material and small fine materials such as grit during the cereal cleaning process.

The SFI can be adapted for use as a Silo Intake Separator and is also compatible with an Aspirator unit or with a Hopper at the stock outlet. MoreMorebd14565_.gif (183 bytes)

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SGA (A) & SGA (B) Open Circuit Gravity Selector/Destoner

The Satake Open Circuit Gravity Selector (SGA-A) and Destoner (SGA-B) can be used for the cleaning of a wide variety of products such as wheat, maize, rice, nuts and pulses. 

Configured as the Gravity Selector the machine not only gives a heavy and light separation, but also provides a separation of heavy and light product streams.

As a Destoner the machine gives excellent stone separation at high capacities.
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SHSA Horizontal Scourer

The Satake Horizontal Scourer SHSA has been engineered to provide a thorough scouring and impacting effect on grain and is used in various places within grain cleaning plants.

The machine will effectively remove outer husks and crease dirt by its intense scouring action and will reduce in size and therefore remove through the sieve apertures any mudballs, small friable seed impurities and any insect fragments. Similarly the impactor/scourer will break the weaker, insect damaged kernels and effectively eliminate them.

By removal of these impurities the SHSA provides more hygienic storage conditions within the cleaning and tempering sections and will reduce the colour, ash, filth and microorganism content of the final products milled from the grain. Morebd14565_.gif (183 bytes)

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SCA Closed Circuit Aspirator

The Satake Closed Circuit Aspirator SCA provides for the efficient, controlled separation of light impurities from cereals. Three inlet options enable a standalone application as well as compatibility with a Milling Separator or a Scouring Machine. Whether installed at the grain intake point or integrated into cereal cleaning system, the Satake SCA creates significant savings in energy, space and maintenance.

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The new Satake RMGS Series Grain Colour Grader uses the most advanced available technology and is equipped with both CCD & NIR sensors.

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The new Satake AlphaScan is the very latest Colour Sorter and is designed and engineered to bring low cost colour sorting to industries previously outside the expenditure range of high accuracy sorting. It is particularly suitable for ergot, foreign grain and stone removal from wheat and barley, black tip removal from durum and the recovery of good grain ejected by mechanical separators.

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flake_disrupter_trans.gif (23575 bytes) SEDB In-Line Flake Disrupter

SEDC Infestation Destroyer

The Satake In-Line Flake Disrupter SEDB has been developed to provide a more compact plant layout, by performing the flake disrupter process on stock whilst it is being pneumatically conveyed.

The Infestation Destroyer SEDC is designed for installation in finished flour/ingredient blowlines. The violent action of the machine disintegrates any insects, eggs or larvae present in the product. Morebd14565_.gif (183 bytes)

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Detacher_trans.gif (30991 bytes) SDD Drum Detacher

The Satake Drum Detacher SDD is used for the gentle disruption of endosperm flakes without disintegrating any bran and germ particles present. It is particularly useful on tail end reduction passages for increasing flour releases without causing any significant increase in ash or colour. Morebd14565_.gif (183 bytes)

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