Dehuller Type VTA

  • Extremely hard wearing
  • Wide range of products
  • Automatic milling degree control
  • Used in series for higher removal
  • Several model capacity sizes

VTA Pulse dehuller

Dehuller Type VTA


The Satake Pulse Dehuller Type VTA is a high capacity machine designed for the removal of hulls and husks from a range of pulse products including lentils, chickpeas, lupines and barley. The machine is exceptionally hard wearing and is designed for trouble free 24 hour operation.

Operating Principle

The stock enters the VTA via a regulator valve and into the milling chamber. The product works its way between the vertical abrasive stones,resistance bars and screen. The exhaust on the machine pulls removed hulls and dust through the screen which are collected in a cyclone or dust collector. The degree of milling is controlled by a simple weigh ted outlet gate and be adjusted in seconds. Alternatively, the outlet gate setting can be automated and milling degree controlled automatically by interfacing with the plant PLC.


The machine can be used in series with additional VTa's or the new VCW PeriTec unit if higher removal rates are required.


The VTA Dehuller is available in several sizes and models.Capacity and function depends on product being processed and bulk density.

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