Pikasen Alpha

  • Two high resolution "RGB" cameras & small ejector pitch
  • Sorting capacities from 100g up to 3 tonnes* / hour
  • Shape recognition technology to sort by shape and length
  • Quick and easy product / defect set-up & pre-set recall 
  • Minimal operator training


Pikasen Alpha

The Satake Pikasen Alpha is an automatic, cost effective, full colour, portable optical sorting machine for small and medium commercial applications, pre-production lots and laboratory use.

Featuring two high resolution "RGB" cameras, small ejector pitch, uniform lighting and sorting capacities from 100g up to 3 tonnes* / hour this compact colour sorter is able to offer high quality sort equal to its larger counterparts.

Shape recognition enables the Pikasen to sort materials by shape and length offering a more comprehensive sort.

Additionally, Satake Pikasen Alpha offers the added benefit of minimal operator training by utilizing an intuitive full colour user interface touch screen and the ability to automatically set sorting parameters.

*Sorting performance varies depending on variety, condition of material and initial contaminations.

Product Advantages -

  • Automatic sorting parameter function
  • Cost effective colour sorter
  • Quick return on investment
  • No changeover parts between products
  • Easy access for maintenance and cleaning
  • Minimal operator training required
  • Reverse sort option
  • Full colour for subtle colour differences
  • Very small footprint
  • Portable

Product Features

  • Full colour RGB camera technology
  • Automatic Smart Sensitivity System
  • 3D colour map technology
  • Shape Recognition
  • Multilingual touch screen and user friendly interface and image capture technology
  • Utilises full colour camera technology to precisely sort a wide range of products
  • High speed, digital signal processing technology
  • Smart touch screen panel
  • Vibratory Feed System

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