EZER 351, EZER 701, EZER 951

Range of medium to high capacity colour sorting machines

  • Full RGB cameras
  • In 3 sizes with flexible, changeable resort options
  • Quick and easy product / defect set-up & pre-set recall
  • Minimal operator training


The Satake EZER range offers cost effective sorting using the latest full colour RGB technology.

Available in different sizes and configurations, offering flexible resort options that are easily changed by the user. The reverse sort option provides an additional function for reclaiming good product from the reject and the option of a simultaneous tertiary sort offers a higher yield (701 & 951 models).

Full colour RGB cameras enable the EZER to detect and remove defects with subtle colour differences.

The intuitive user interface design has individual sensitivity adjustments for specific defects. This simple sorting control makes it easy for the operator to achieve maximum sorting performance with minimal training.

Another technological advantage present in all Satake Colour Sorting machines is their ability to automatically recalibrate without production stoppage.

Product Advantages

  • Large capacity, cost effective colour sorting
  • Minimal operator training required
  • Quick and easy product & defect set-up
  • Automatic sorting parameter function
  • One touch pre-set recall
  • Reverse sort option
  • Full colour for subtle colour differences
  • Long-life LED lighting
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning
  • No downtime for calibration
  • Quick return of investment

Product Features

  • Full colour RGB camera technology
  • Automatic Smart Sensitivity System
  • 3D colour map technology

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