Laboratory Sifter

The Henry Simon Laboratory Sifter HSLS provides a rapid method of particle size analysis.

The assessment of particle size distribution of mill stocks enables the miller to check and maintain break releases to optimize mill efficiency and balance

• The planetary motion accurately replicates the performance of mill plansifters
• Easy one touch operation and electronic timer with digital display
• Supplied with four clothed sieves
• Also available with 8” Endecott brass sieves

HSLS Brochure

Laboratory Sifter

Operation - The sample to be analysed is weighed and placed on top of the nest of four square 255mm sieves. The sieves are securely clamped to the sieve base and drive table using a quick release clamp. The HSLS oscillates in a planetary motion for a pre-set time using the electronic timer. Once the sifting cycle is completed, the overtails and throughs are weighed to determine the granularity of the sample.


Electronic timer

Adjustable from 0 to 9999 seconds

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