TM05 Testing Mill

Satake’s Testing Mill is designed for rapidly whitening a sample of husked rice or barley.


The TM05 is widely used throughout the world, in laboratories, research stations and educational institutions.

Compact and easy to use, the TM05 is perfect for both testing and production environments.


TM05 Testing Mill

  • Small Sample - Requires only 200 grams of material.
  • Applications - Produces samples milled to different degrees of whiteness in a short time.
  • Laboratory Use - Compact desktop construction facilitates installation and operation in laboratories.
  • Variable Speed - Built-in multi-groove pulley provides easy speed changes.
  • Timer-controlled Operation - Adjustable timer allows accurate and automatic operation.
  • Quality Grading - Transparent front cover enables judgement of milling degree by observing colour of the bran produced.

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