Experts in Optical Sorting Virgin Pellets

Posted on Wed 21st Apr 2021

Experts in Optical Sorting  Virgin Pellets

Efficient, precise sorting of transparent and opaque pellets

Satake Corporation has drawn on its extensive experience in the field of optical sorting to develop the Pellet Sorter range consisting of two optical sorters specifically designed to sort plastic pellets.

Virgin Pellet Sorting

To efficiently remove: Spots, impurities, oxidisation, foreign materials, discolourations, adhesions and dye drops

Here at Satake Europe, we have created a dedicated Pellet Sorting test and demonstration area featuring the PCS-BDS pellet sorter, where customers can spend time with our specialist engineers, be involved in sample testing of their product and get to see how quick and easy the Satake 3S software is to understand and operate. This is a great addition to our existing UK test and demonstration facility which already features our other Optical Sorting models.

Click here for more detail on the Pellet Sorter range

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